Thursday, May 9, 2013

3 Goals for the Day!

I had three goals for today.

1.  Sell my big pile of books at Half Price Books
2.  Find a pair of capris that fit
3. Get my free Cinnabon for Nurse's Week

Here's how it all turned out.

1.  I went to the location for Half Price Books and the store was gone.  So I got out my (very smart) phone and researched where it went.  I found out it moved a few miles away.  I found the address and thought I knew where it was.  I only drove through 3 strip malls before I finally found it.  I sold my big pile of books for 32 bucks.  I had never sold books there before, and everyone I talked to said they got offered 20 bucks no matter how many books they took in to sell.  So I was happy with the amount they offered and quickly took the deal.  It was so hard not to buy more books, but I resisted the urge and left with my cash in hand!

2.  I tried on some khaki capris one place and they were very baggy.  Then I went to the Buckle.  I had a $10 coupon and a gift card left over from Christmas.  I tried on 7 items all together and decided to just buy one pair of capris.  I really like them.  When I got to the checkout, the sales gal offered me an adorable Buckle beach towel for only $5.  I gave in and got the towel. (I never give in to impulse buys, but it was really really cute!)

3.  I thought for sure there was a Cinnabon at the mall I went to.  I was all ready with my work ID badge stating I am an RN!  As it turned out, there was no Cinnabon at the mall (big frowny face).  There was an Aunt Annies pretzel and the Great American Cookie Co., but no Cinnabon.  So I didn't meet this goal.

My kids only have 13 more days of school.  So I know my days of goals will be coming to an end.  It's hard to go to one store let alone multiple stores with kids in tow.  I probably won't be setting very many goals this summer!

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