Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween Recap

We had a great time last night! We went to our church for trunk or treat. The trunks were "dressed up" with some sort of Bible theme. There were lots of whales (& Jonahs). The kids got more candy than they will ever eat! I have a large bag to take to work on Friday. (all the chewy bad for your teeth candy that my guys don't need!) My husband left for Colorado today for a men's retreat with our former church (Temple Baptist in Pueblo, CO). My mom picked up the twins to take them to story time. So my house is totally quiet now!!

Here's what's on schedule for the rest of the day: haircut, post office, bank, Bath & Body works for hand soap, Teacher conference for 1st grader, wedding shower tonight. This day will go by quickly.


My name is Michelle. said...

Time sure does! I'm adding you to my sidebar if you don't mind.


CityStreams said...

I love trunk or treats! Lots of fun! Thanks for stopping by my giveaway! The winner will be announced Monday. Feel free to drop by anytime :o)