Sunday, November 18, 2007

My Clog Story

Have you ever wanted something very badly? This time last year I found a pair of Clarks Artisan clogs in a magazine ad. I loved the clogs. I had to have the clogs! I researched the clogs. I looked for them on Ebay. I signed up on to get a discount. I had to have the clogs!! I looked for stores close by that sold Clarks, and I called to see if they had the clogs. I looked at several different shoe websites and found the best deal on the clogs. I had to have the clogs!!! (Yes, I became obsessed).

So I finally bought the clogs from Shoebuy (with my 10% discount, of course). I think I spent around $75. Way more than I spend on shoes! When I finally got the shoes I was so happy I couldn't wait to wear them. I even loved looking at the clogs. After wearing them, I didn't love them as much. They were a little tight, my ankle turned easily in them, and they weren't nearly as cute as the picture. Slowly they made their way to the back of my closet. I got them out last week and wore them to church 2 weeks in a row. After church last Sunday, my back was killing me! I wore them mid-week, got home and my back was killing me. I wore them to church today, and my back is now killing me! Common thread to the back pain??? My beloved clogs!!

This is so typical with my life. There have been things I have begged and pleaded God for. But God knows. He knows what will give me pain. And he decides what is best for Denise. I pray I will be able to listen when God says, "No, Denise, you don't need (fill in the blank) because it will cause you pain or suffering or heartache and you are My child and I know what is best for you!"


Annabelle said...

I know exactly what you are saying...I've been there more than once!

My name is Michelle. said...

That is so true. But now you've got me wanting to see these clogs! LOL

Ashley said...

Over at my blog, I posted about a cute sign that I found on It is a sign that says,"God Always Answers Prayers, Sometimes He Says Yes, Sometimes He says No, and Sometimes He Says You've Got To Be Kidding" So true, isn't it:)