Thursday, April 17, 2008

Wallpaper Woes

We moved into our current house on Labor Day weekend 2005. The very next weekend we found out about 4 month old twin boys who needed a home immediately. So that weekend we welcomed Dalton into our family, and Devin joined us 3 days later. He was still recovering from a bad infection at Riley Hospital. I had big plans of remodeling which included lots of wallpaper stripping. After the boys came into our lives, our plans quickly shifted. Our new plans included finding cribs, clothes, bottles, etc. So almost 3 years later, my home still has lots of wallpaper. I stripped the most offensive wallpaper, but left 2 rooms that I could tolerate. I thought I could restart the project when the twins went to school. But last week, they decided the wallpaper had to go. They started removing it for me. So now I have this in my dining room.

I'm sure it will only get worse. They really like bringing little pieces of paper to me. They are such big helpers!!

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