Sunday, April 20, 2008

My spring pedicure

Once upon a time my sister use to make fun of my toes. She called them snausages (like the dog treats). She would chase me around the house singing the song from the commercial. "Snausauges. snort. snort. snausages" I know I made fun of my sister, but I can't remember anything specific right now. So years later, I don't think my toes look that bad. I got a very relaxing pedicure on Saturday (I almost fell asleep!). This was my awesome Christmas gift from Pat and Heather. I am so excited to be ready for my flip flops.


EatPlayLove said...

Cute pedicure, now you have some Body Butter to lather on those feet! You are the winner in my contest! =) Denise

The Nester said...

My sister used to make fun of my toes too! And me hers! Mine look just like yours and she said the big one looked like...wait for it...a TV!!!

Get your sister to blog! It has given me and my sister soooo many laughs!