Wednesday, March 14, 2012

You're Already Amazing!

If you have spent any amount of time with me, you will quickly find out I love to read. I am an information and fact gatherer. I love reading all types of genres. I have a collection of quotes from books I have read in the past. I keep a running record of every book I have read the past 6 years. That being said there are books I have recently read and experiences I have had and stories I have heard that keep bringing me back to one word. LOVE.

There are songs about LOVE. LOVE is all you need. All you need is LOVE. There are lots of people and things I LOVE. And there are lots of people who LOVE me back. But there is really only one LOVE that matters. The perfect LOVE of God.

I know I am not perfect.

And my husband is not perfect.

My kids are not perfect.

I don't keep a perfect house.

BUT God thinks I am amazing!

~"It's time you knew you're amazing.
  • You're not only amazing.
  • You're enough
  • You're beautiful
  • You're wanted
  • You're chosen
  • You're called
  • You've got what it takes...not just to survive but to change the world."
"You're Already Amazing" pg. 16, Holley Gerth

Just thinking about that. REALLY thinking about that should be enough. The fact that God thinks I am amazing is enough. His opinion is the only one that really matters. My worth and value are found in him. Not in my husband. Not in my kids. Not in my net worth or my job or the things I try to do. Not in what people say about me or think about me.

I am amazing to God and he LOVES me. No. matter. what. He made me and formed me and lives in me!

I was also reminded that God has a journey specifically for my life. It is not like anyone else's. No one's path is going to look exactly like mine.

"It's always the road less traveled because you're the only one who is ever going to walk it."
"You're Already Amazing", pg.79 Holley Gerth

So I am excited and scared and nervous to see where this journey is going to take me. But there are two promises I cling to....

  • God is always good
  • I am always LOVED
I pray that I hear these words and believe these words and remember these words every day of my Amazing life!

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stacey lyn said...

I LOVE it, Denise Evanoff. :) You are an inspiration!