Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Animals in Chicago

The Monday after Megan and Garret's wedding, Steve, the boys, and I headed up to Chicago for a 3 day road trip.  Since we are going to the balanced calendar school schedule this year, we decided on a mini vacation before school starts.   Then in October we are going to Disney on Orlando with my parents for a week!  

So we went to the Chicago zoo (in the hot humid weather!) and Shedd Aquarium. We ended up buying a Shedd Aquarium membership just so we didn't have to stand in the long ticket line in the hot sun!

The boys were very excited about Stingray Bay at the Brookfield zoo.  There are 50 cownose rays swimming around in a big shallow pool.  They swim right past and you get a chance to pet the rays.  Thankfully their barbs are trimmed making them harmless!

At the Shedd Aquarium we were very excited about the jellies exhibit.  I had no idea there are so many species of jelly fish.  They are beautiful and mesmerizing to watch.  My son took this awesome picture with an iphone!

The twins got an opportunity to dress up and act like penguins.  They had a penguin slide that was fun for them.  I think twin penguins are adorable!

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