Monday, July 2, 2012

Megan and Garret's Barn Wedding

My daughter (from marriage) who just graduated from Ball State in May and moved to Colorado two weeks later, came back to Indiana to get married to her Colorado cowboy.  He is taking his new bride back to their new home in Pueblo this week.  I cannot begin to describe how much fun everyone had at their wedding.  It was a simple affair planned from start to finish by Megan.  Everything looked beautiful, the food was excellent, the dancing was so much fun.  I didn't want the night to end.  Our good friend Dean Nester performed the marriage ceremony in his cowboy hat.  He fit right in!!

This is my husband and I.  I wanted to pull off the country chic look and he wanted to pull off the Duck Commander/Duck Dynasty look.  I think we both succeeded!

Here I am with my oldest son who was an usher in the wedding.  He did a great job and acted very professional which is a great accomplishment for an eleven year old boy.  I think this will be a great picture for the slide show at his wedding.  (If they are even doing that when he gets married)

The twins were the ring bearers for Sissy's wedding.  My sister made this adorable sign for them to carry as they walked ran down the aisle.  They looked so cute in their cowboy boots and shirts.  Once they got on the dance floor, they unsnapped their shirts and looked so so cute!

And lastly my adorable niece was one of the flower girls.  Megan was Audrey's favorite babysitter ever.  We are all so sad she is moving to Colorado!

During the reception, you could text song requests to the DJ to play.  So my son borrowed my phone to request two of his favorite tunes.  Little did I know that the song requests would show up on the screen.  And my son did not know that my texts send my signature automatically at the end.

So imagine my surprise when I looked up on the big screen and saw the following:

I'm sexy and I know it   Denise

Oh yea!  I'm sexy and I know it.  Denise

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Tiffany said...

Hi, Denise! I see your daughter got married at Riley's Party Barn in Anderson. I am hoping to have my ceremony and reception there next October. Would you please share your experiences with this facility? I can see the first picture as they are doing their vows, and it looks gorgeous. My email is: if you are willing to share your experience with me!

Thank you,