Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Backyard Basketball Court

In May we had a backyard basketball court put in.  The boys were very excited about it!  There have been lots of games played on this court and lots of practicing.  With 3 boys who love to play sports, the court makes an excellent place to also play kickball.  After all the work was done, we decided to try and plant some grass.  The dirt was excavated and smoothed out, we put down grass seed, then covered it with hay.   Then it never rained again at our house.  We tried watering it, my husband, oldest son, and I taking turns.  But we failed!

And now the cold hard truth...this is what our back yard looks like.  Weeds, hay, and dead grass. We are in a major drought here in Indiana.  We will not have grass this summer.  My husband wanted to get rid of the play set because our boys are 7 (the twins) and 11.  But I am too nostalgic and won't part with it yet.

There are a few plants that did pop up on their own.  I think this is a zucchini plant, but not sure.   I'm sure it is from something that was left over from our garden 2 years ago.  I finally gave in and started watering this plant in hopes of getting at least one vegetable from it!

And this is the best surprise from the backyard.  I love sunflowers!  I had a sunflower kitchen in Colorado back in the day.  I have a sunflower tattoo on my ankle.  I love driving through Kansas during the summer and seeing all the sunflowers!  And this little beauty popped up in my ugly backyard.  Beauty among all the ugly!

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