Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Random Thoughts I found when going through paper work

I have been going through paperwork like crazy around the house.  I found a bunch of notes from different seminars I went to over the years.  I wanted to put the notes in a safe place and forgot about them for years.  So here is what I thought was important.

*When raising kids, remember things may not always be equal, but we will always be fair.

*I am called to be obedient, and God is responsible for the results.

*I need to ruthlessly eliminate hurry from my life!

*The days go slow, but the years go fast!

*I need to parent the actual kids I have and the life we are living right now!

*Sometimes you just need to paint the walls, instead of decorating the whole room!

*Earthy people are prone to do earthy things.

*You only see the front porch of people's lives.

So these are things I wanted to remember and now I can throw away recycle more papers!

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