Tuesday, December 4, 2012

What I am doing {December Edition}

I cannot believe it is December already.  2012 has really gone fast for our family!  Here is what I have been doing...

{Reading}  I just finished The Same Kind of Different As Me.  My book club is meeting tonight and we are discussing this book.  I read it once last year and then last week for the second time.  I think I cried more this time around!  What a great story.  I highly recommend it.

{Watching}  I am still way into Duck Dynasty.  I call it the highlight of my week.  I think I may be getting some Duck Dynasty merchandise for my husband for Christmas.  I recently started watching Married to the Army: Alaska and love it.  I am at a loss for words when these women go months without their husbands.  It makes me cry!

{Drinking}  I have been trying to drink more water, especially in the morning when I first wake up.

{Listening}  My favorite Christmas carol is Oh Holy Night.  I have four versions of it on my playlist right now.  I also love the Third Day song Born in Bethlehem...great lyrics for the Christmas season.

{Making}  I learned how to make some fancy paper hangings.  I have been making them like crazy!

{Eating}  Reese's bells.  Love them more than any other Reese's cup!

{Going}  We have been going to watch my oldest boy's 6th grade travel basketball team play 2 games each Sunday afternoon.  His team is 0-8.  It is not fun watching them get beat (badly) every week.  I keep hoping and praying he is learning life lessons this season!

{Shopping}  Not at all.  Christmas is coming!  It comes every year!!  I need to get busy!!!

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