Friday, November 30, 2012

Random Things from last week!

The Friday after Thanksgiving, I did not have to work.  So I decided to drive down to Kentucky with my father-in-law with my three rowdy boys to visit my mother-in-law, brother-in-law and his wife, and my all grown up nephew.  We spent over 6 hours in the car that day!  Whew!  The boys did really well until the last 30 miles when they started hitting.  Then there were tears.  Then there was yelling.  And then they fell asleep for the last 10 minutes of the trip, of course.  I think Molly, the large St. Bernard in the picture was very excited to have some company!

When we got home, my husband had made a giant pot of jambalaya.  I ended up going straight to bed. I think the 6 hours in the car did me in!  So the boys dug into the dinner while I slept.  Thankfully I woke up the next morning and felt much better.

Saturday afternoon we all went to pick out a real live Christmas tree.  I say all of us except for Moose (my middle son).  He decided to stay at home and play with his cousin and my mom (who had just dropped off my oldest son).  I threw out my old pre-lit tree last January.  The middle section of the tree would not light up, and I was tired of fighting with it.  So I promised the boys a real Christmas tree this year.

Of course, we took a wonderful family picture at the Christmas tree farm without Moose.  We just may have to photoshop him in.  I think this would make an excellent Christmas photo card!!  We had such a fun time picking out the perfect tree.  I think it's a humdinger of a tree!!

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