Monday, January 21, 2008

Bloggy History

I know it's kind of boring to blog about how I got into blogging. But in case anyone was wondering, here goes..
Back when we had real Dish with all the channels I was obsessed with the TLC specials about large (13+ kids) families. I watched all of them and became especially fond of the Jeub family in Colorado. So one day I visited their website to check out the book they were writing (I later ordered the book & really liked it). In their postings, you could look at comments people left and this lead me to my 1st official blog. Her name was Beth & she lives in Indiana. From there, I started clicking on blogs on her sidebar and I was addicted. I am an incredibly nosy person (just ask my family!). So I totally love looking at other people's lives. I love pictures and stories and seeing how other people live. I have gotten lots of great ideas and recipes and spiritual encouragement. Sometimes I will read a post and believe with all my heart I was lead to there for a specific reason. I love feeling like I am not alone!!


Sisterlisa said...

LOL I watch those shows too and even my kids love them!

Anonymous said...

Heyyyy you're talking about me! lol