Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Potty Training Boot Camp

So this week we decided to give potty training a try. One of them is getting it, and one of them is not! You haven't lived until you get to clean poop out of a register vent! That's what I got to do today. Lucky me! Today was also an early release day from school, so we went to the church and ran off some energy in the gym. We are blessed to be so close by! Noah is enjoying Upward b-ball this year. We are having fun coaching too.


the farmer's daughter said...

I was reading through your older blogs, trying to figure out what the twin boys' names are... I couldn't believe that anyone would actually name their kids Moose and Snipe!! LOL I was relieved to find they have real names. What a laugh.

Anyway, I saw you commented on my blog- cool! I'm glad to meet you like this. I have LOTs of family in Northern Indiana and know my way around there pretty good. Maybe someday we can meet! Have you read this blog: She is one of my best friends and lives in Northern Ind., too.

Great to meet you, I'll be back again soon. :) -Jasmine

Princess Di said...

Thank you for posting on my bloggy giveaway! Your boys are too cute. We used 3 day potty training (that you can buy online) to potty train my oldest (very very strong willed little girl) and it worked like a charm. If all else fails, you should check it out. Good luck - i know it gets crazy sometimes. :)