Thursday, January 10, 2008

Library Story Time

I love library story time! Moose and Snipe do to. It's been a long time since we've gotten out of the house. Today was long overdue. The boys do really well listening to the stories and singing songs. After story time, we get to play. Our library has a wonderful play area with puzzles, toys, and lots of fun stuff. The children's area is all closed in, so Moose & Snipe can run, but not get away from mommy! There is a set of twins a little older than mine that also attend story time. Today they came in with a surprise...a new baby sister. Wow!! Their momma will be in my prayers!

On a totally different note, tomorrow is my last day of work at my current job. The surgery center very close to my house offered me a job! I still get to work only Mondays & Fridays (yea!), and it is literally blocks away from our house. Gas prices really stress me out, so this will help out a lot! Not to mention saving me an hour of my time each day. So I am excited, nervous, and a little scared. I pray everything works out and goes smoothly during this transition.

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