Friday, January 11, 2008

Seafood Night

My husband has fond memories of seafood night when he was growing up. He said his mom would cover the table with newspaper, boil a big pot of crab legs, and put it all out on the table. The only rule was you had to eat a bowl of salad first. I was not introduced to crab legs until I met Steve. My parents were not big seafood people, I guess. So the first time I had crab, I thought it was a lot of work for a little food. But it did grow on me, and now I'm a big crab leg fan. Our 2 oldest kids are also big fans. Moose & Snipe not so much. (Although you can't tell that by these pictures) So at least once a year we have our own seafood night. It consists of lots of crab legs...
and lots of shrimp..Most of the food gets consumed very quickly and our only rule is one bowl of salad first!


My name is Michelle. said...

Beautiful pictures! They make me a little itchy (anaphylactic shellfish allergy here). And kudos on the job! How is it going?

Praise and Coffee said...

That looks fabulous! I wish I wasn't the only one in my house that liked seafood.

Thanks for commenting on my CWO post today, it blessed me.