Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Current Books~ The Paris Wife (by Paula McLain). I joined a book club last month. This was the first book picked for us to read. We have our book discussion meeting in one week. I am 2/3 done with the book. I have really enjoyed reading a book I probably would not have picked to read on my own. Also reading What Your Son Isn't Telling You (by Michael Ross & Susie Shellenberger). As a mom of three boys, this book has been very eye-opening to me!

Current Color~ Yellow! I am seeing yellow everywhere and love it!

Current Drink~ Mostly water. I am happy to say I have not had a Diet Dr. Pepper or Diet Coke in a very long time! (like over 3 months ago) I decided to try drinking water, tea, and coffee only sometime in January. There really was not a particular reasoning behind this, just something I wanted to do.

Current Food~ Papa Johns new Buffalo Chicken pizza! It is amazingly good :) Also blueberries and yogurt!

Current Excitement~ Easter is almost here and I get to celebrate my twins turning 7 on April 22nd!

Current Indulgence~ I bought a pint of Blue Bell Banana Pudding ice cream. It lasted 2 days. I ate it all!

Current Want~ I really want to get something new to wear for Easter. I guess that's the little girl in me. And since I don't have any little girls to dress up, I will have to dress myself up.

Current Need~ Nothing!

Current Mood~ Happy. The high today is in the 80s, so I will soon go outside and read (one of my very favorite things to do)

That's all for now!!

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