Thursday, November 8, 2012

Blogging about weight loss

I typically don't talk about losing weight on my blog.  I find other topics much more interesting!  But recently I have had so many people ask me how much weight I have lost {which is a beautiful thing!} that I decided to blog about it.  First let me answer that question by saying I really don't know how much weight I have lost.  I am a tall girl (6 feet tall to be exact) and I weigh a lot.  Always have.  So I just hate weighing myself.  I only get on the scale at the doctor's office.  So I really do not have a weightloss number to give.

Second there was something about the year 2012.  I would be turning 38 in August.  I had a 20 year high school reunion.  And my daughter was getting married.  I wanted to look good as a {step} mother of the bride!!  So when I found this little sign on pinterest, I decided this was going to be my year.

Third I bought an elliptical machine in January and parked it in my bedroom right in front of a television.  This is the first piece of exercise equipment I ever purchased.  And I told myself I was going to use it.  Every. Single. Day.  Not five days a week or four days a week, but every day of the week.  And I have used it.  I love it!  Coming from a girl who hadn't worked out in years, I can truly say I look forward to getting on my elliptical machine every night.  I have also watched hours of mindless television, but I keep telling myself I am getting healthier!!

So here is the proof.  The picture on the left was taken October 2011.  We had family pictures taken, and I loved them...except for the ones of me.  I kept thinking why did I wear a sweater that showed all my fat rolls?!?  But in reality, no matter what I wore, I would not have liked the pictures of me!  The picture on the right was taken on Tuesday {yes, that is my I VOTED sticker}.  And when I looked at the difference I was shocked!  I really didn't do anything magical the past year.  I just decided This Was/Is My Year!  And maybe I will inspire someone else to have a year like mine.

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