Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy November!

It was really cold this Halloween!  Once it got dark, it got even colder.  Before we went trick-or-treating, we ate Papa Murphy's pumpkin pepperoni pizza.  I decided to pick one up on a whim yesterday.  We hadn't gotten Papa Murphy's in a long time because the kids would not eat it.  They prefer Papa Johns or even Little Caesars.  My husband and I love it so much that when we first moved here from Colorado (almost 10 years!), we would drive over 40 minutes to pick it up!  Now we have one just a few miles from our house!  I was pleasantly surprised when all three boys ate a piece and did not complain.  Maybe bribing them with candy helped a little bit.

My oldest son whose dream is to play in the NBA (what 11 year old boy doesn't dream of this?) decided to be Rajon Rondo for Halloween.  He kept going back and forth about trick-or-treating and finally decided not to go.  I was a little sad, but we let him stay home and pass out candy.  We saw lots of kids older than him in our neighborhood, so maybe next year he will want to.

Captain America and Thor were all about the candy for about 10 minutes.  Then they got tired, a bag got too heavy, a bucket got spilled after tripping and falling, it got really cold, and they were done!  We only stayed out for about an hour, which was more than enough time to collect more than enough candy.

Now that BOO! BOO! is over, it's time for GOBBLE!  GOBBLE!  I cannot believe Thanksgiving is only three weeks from today.  The days go slow, but the year goes by fast.

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