Saturday, November 17, 2012

Dinner Funk

I have been in a real funk when it comes to meal planning and dinner making.  My poor family has eaten lots of corn dogs, turkey sandwiches, cold cereal, and spaghetti.  We also have eaten out way more than normal lately.  Maybe I know the holidays are coming (which they always do!), and I know I will have to cook then.  That's what I'm doing (wink wink!)!  I'm saving all my cooking energy for the next 4 weeks.  Maybe my family will actually talk to me then.  I do have two funny dinner stories that happened this week.

Thursday evening, I had a meeting to go to, then a literacy night at the twins school, then I had to get my oldest son to his basketball practice.  I knew I would not have time to sit down and eat with them, so I made a simple dinner that my husband could throw onto plates for everyone.  I opened a can of green beans and 2 packages of smoked sausages and threw them into the crockpot.  I also got all fancy and bought a package of The Original King's Hawaiian Sweet Rolls (which we all love!!).

When I got home from my first meeting, they were sitting around the table, and no one liked the sausage.  It was turkey sausage (which I don't normally buy), but it was all they had at Aldi that day when I was grocery shopping.  So no one liked it, and I think my husband was the only one who actually ate it.  In one of the quiet moments that evening, my middle son burst out with "At least she cooked us some dinner!".  I love that boy.  Ironically, his favorite part of the meal were the sweet rolls which involved opening a package.

After the Thursday fiasco, we decided to eat out Friday at Steak-N-Shake.  We were going out to eat without any coupons, and not on the kids eat free deal (which our Steak-N-Shake does on Saturday and Sunday).  So I was all upset about how expensive our meal was going to be.  But then they made my husband's burger wrong, so he had to wait longer than the rest of us.  So they took his entire meal (including his shake) off the bill.  Cha-ching!

The manager who came to talk to us was once a waiter, and my oldest son congratulated him on his promotion!  He was so nice to us, and thanked us for not yelling at him or our server.  I'm just glad my family actually ate the dinner (that I did not make)!

Maybe next week I will do a little better with meal planning, or maybe not!

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