Saturday, March 30, 2013

My favorite 12 year old {my son}

I cannot believe I have a 12 year old son.  You are really into basketball.  Your goal is to be able to slam dunk on a regulation basketball goal.

You cannot wait to be taller than me and stronger than your dad.  I think you will taller than me before you are stronger than your dad.  Your dad says you'll never be stronger than him!

Your feet are now bigger than mine.  I have big feet which means you will have really big feet when it's all said and done!

You really hate to have your picture taken.  This is the only picture you would let me take of the two of us.  I'm not looking too good!

You are a great kid.  People tell me that all the time!  Then you usually do something really dumb, and it brings me back to parenting reality.  You are a great kid who messes up like everyone in the world.  But I am proud of you no matter what.  If you end up playing in the NBA or being a used car salesman, I will always be your biggest fan!

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