Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Should I keep the t-shirt?

When it comes to getting rid of "stuff", I usually don't have a hard time doing it.  I am definitely not a hoarder or a pack rat.  There are some things that I have more of than others (books, scrapbook supplies I don't use, lunch bags, and I'm sure my husband could add to this list), but I am also very good at boxing stuff up for yard sales or taking it to Goodwill or just throwing it out!  There has only been one time when I thought I threw something out that I really wanted back.  It was my college graduation picture from 1996.  I was really tan and skinny that day, and I thought I had gotten rid of it on a day that I was upset with myself for not being tan and skinny any longer.

I think I searched for the picture on several occasions, but never found it.  As luck would have it, it showed up at my house one day.  My mom brought it over.  I still don't know if it was her copy of the picture, or if she somehow borrowed mine and returned it.  Needless to say, I am glad to have the picture back in my possession.

Now comes the million dollar question!  Should I throw this t-shirt away?  It is from 2007.  It has bleach stains, a hole in the arm, and some mystery spots (grease?) all over the front.  It has seen better days.  But it is the shirt from the winter retreat where Megan met "the boy" she was going to eventually marry.  It was a long journey to get those two down the aisle, but every time I see this t-shirt I remember standing in the doorway of her bedroom listening to her crazy story thinking this girl is nuts! When all the time I was the crazy one.  Because in 2007 at Horn Creek, she found her husband!  So the sentimental value is there, and I cannot decide what to do.  I kept telling her I was going to wear the shirt to her wedding.  But since it was 100 degrees that day, I opted to wear a summer dress instead!

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