Thursday, October 11, 2012

Christmas is Coming!

Guess what?  Christmas is coming.  I know that's a big shock to some.  But I promise you Christmas is coming.  It comes every year right around December 25th.  I know we haven't even gone trick-or-treating yet, but it seems like right after October 31st, the rest of the year flies by!  Boo-Boo, Gobble- Gobble, Ho-Ho, Happy New Year!  And then it's February of the new year.  I am reminding everyone that Christmas is coming so they can start getting ready now.

On that note I am already starting to think about our Christmas Photo Cards that we will send out this year.  I have been sending a photo card since 2005 and just love them.  I love getting them from family and friends also.  I would say I mail or give out about fifty cards each year.  In the past years, we took a family photo in front of the fireplace, but last year we had professional pictures taken in October so I used one from that photo shoot.

This year at our daughter's wedding we took a family photo and I might use that.  Although one of my sons looks kind of like an alien.  If not we will be able to take a family photo at Thanksgiving because Megan and Garret will be here from Colorado (YAY!)!!

Have you heard of Tiny Prints?  Well, they have just launched their new 2012 Holiday Collection of cards.  They have high quality products and some of the cutest styles I have ever seen.  I love that you can choose how many photos you want to include in your card, then it takes you to the available styles. You should also check out their Special Offers page to help save some money on any order.

You can also follow Tiny Prints on Pinterest where they have some really cute ideas or check out their blog for some great holiday inspiration.  I think I will have to wait until our Fall Break is over to really start looking at the card options.  Because when the kids are home, my productivity goes way down!

*Please note this is a sponsored blog post from Tiny Prints.  I have ordered from Tiny Prints before and love their products, so I am happy to share them with you!*

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