Thursday, October 25, 2012

What I am doing

QUOTING...everytime my husband and I watch Duck Dynasty, we come up with new quotes to use.  "My hands smell like taco meat."  "I'm like an owl.  I don't give a hoot!"  "I'm fixing to go crazy redneck up in here."  Just to name a few.

FASTING....Our church is in the middle of a series called FREEDOM.  One of the things they encouraged us to do was to give up something for the month of October.  I chose to give up facebook.  It was really hard in the beginning, but now I really don't miss it.  I deactivated my account and don't know if I will reactivate it in November.  It's been really freeing not logging on!

WAITING....For some IU basketball to start.  I am so excited about the season this year.  I get to go to a game on December 15th and cannot wait!!

READING....I just finished reading this book by one of my favorite authors, Rick Johnson.  This is a great book for women no matter how long they have been married.

WATCHING and CRYING...I have been a big fan of Parenthood since the beginning.  But this season.  Oh. My. Word.  It is really getting to me.  Every episode I cry the ugly cry while doing my elliptical machine.  Not a pretty sight! new Tim Tebow New York Jets jersey.  My husband surprised me with this yesterday.  I really am not wearing it backwards; I took the picture in the mirror and couldn't figure out how to flip it.  Can't wait to wear this on Sunday!

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