Sunday, October 21, 2012

What I learned about Walt Disney World in October

We had the privilege of going to Orlando, Florida for seven days over the boy's fall break. I had not been to Disney World for seven years, so I had pretty much forgotten everything about the parks and rides. We had a great time with my parents and I thought I would share what I learned while down there.

 1. People say it is not crowded in October in Disney World. This is a lie. I think it was just as crowded as it was seven years ago in July.

 2. It is still very hot in October in Orlando. Like shorts and tank tops hot!

 3. The food stands will give you free ice water if you ask. I was seriously shocked at this. I don't know how many cups of ice water we consumed in seven days, but it was a lot!

 4. They do not sell gum in Disney World. My kids were very disappointed when I ran out of gum at one of the parks and they had to wait to get to our room for more.

 5. My kids love roller coasters.

 6. I wish I had an accent. It is so much fun listening to all the different accents!

 7. There are adults who spend some serious money on Halloween costumes. We went to the Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party one evening and were thoroughly entertained by the costumes.

 8. Disney World is much easier without having to push a stroller. I was so thankful my kids were able to walk and keep up with us the entire trip.

 9. We averaged 18,000 steps each day at the different parks! I know this because I have been wearing a pedometer for work.

 10. After being at the mercy of the Disney World bus system for seven days, I was very excited to see my dirty, sticky, old mini van!

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