Sunday, February 3, 2013


I cannot believe it is February already.  Although it is not my favorite month of the year, it does mean we are closer to Spring!  I cannot believe the year is 1/12th over.  I have high hopes of getting projects done before school gets out in May.  I really want to clean out my closet, and I really want to get photos organized.  We'll see how that goes the next 4 months. Here are my February currents...

{READING}  I just finished Seabiscuit and loved it!  Now I want to watch the movie.  I'm also finishing up One Thousand Gifts for book club which meets Tuesday night.

{Watching}  So sad Parenthood is over for the season, although they did finish up all of the story lines with happy endings!  I am loving The Biggest Loser right now.  I can get on my elliptical while this is on and time goes so fast.  I also really enjoy watching IU basketball games.  The Hoosiers are hot this season.

{Eating}  Not so much.  I have lost 14 pounds in my two weeks at my work's biggest loser competition.  I am in 3rd place so far. Six more weeks of weighins and a champion will be crowned. Six hundred bucks is very very motivating!

{Cooking}  I am doing a little better in this area.  Although some nights are harder to cook than others due to practices.  My husband's mom came up for the weekend, and she made some delicious homemade polenta and gizzards.  My husband was in heaven!!

{Listening}  I love the song How Country Feels by Randy Houser. I also love the song Little Things by One Direction. Seriously. I think One Direction is awesome, and I don't even have little girls.

{Exciting}  We are going to a Super Bowl party tonight, and there will be twin babies there.  I plan to hold babies and eat lots of veggies tonight.  Hopefully that will keep me from eating tons of junk.

{Random}  I watched a very corny movie on Netflix, I Hate Valentine's Day, and keep watching parts of it over and over. Very corny, but very cute!!

Happy February!!

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