Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Time Frames

Today.....I went to MOPS and got to hold babies.  I love working in the nursery on MOPS mornings.  It is so much fun to cuddle with all the little ones, and my youngest nephew is in there.  So he gets to hang out with his favorite aunt...lucky him!

Yesterday....I went to Kohls.  I got a 30% off coupon in the mail.  There is something about those 30% off coupons they send.  If I get a 10% or 20% off coupon, I throw them away.  But if I get a 30% off coupon, that gets me in their store.  I call Kohls the store where everything is always on sale.   Seriously, have I ever paid the sticker price for an item at Kohls?  Never.  So with their sales and my coupon, I usually do pretty well.  And to top it all off, they sent me a $10 off any purchase coupon e-mail that I was able to use with the 30% off.  So my receipt showed that I spent $63.95 and I saved $197.22!  I got a few things for me, a few things for the boys, and two large fiestaware cereal bowls.

Last week....I lost 3 pounds!  So my 4 week total weight loss is 16.8 pounds!  I am very excited that I went down a scrub size at work also.  I am still in the top 5 for total weight loss.  The final weigh-in is March can't get here soon enough.

Tomorrow...I plan to eat healthy and read.  That's all.

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