Wednesday, February 27, 2013


It is February and I am tired of cold, wet, cloudy days.  I am tired of muddy shoes.  I am really ready for Spring.  I always think that once March gets here, winter is over.  But living in Indiana most of my life, I know better.  And I know that I will be complaining about how hot is in August.  

The time will come when summer will ask what I did all winter....I don't think I quoted this exactly, but I love the gist of it.

In true Uncle Si fashion, my husband now has his own tea jug.  My husband loves to drink unsweet tea all day long.  He says he has been drinking tea long before he ever heard of Duck Dynasty.  So he is not just jumping on the Uncle Si bandwagon!

This is a bag of scrubs from work that don't fit me any longer.  Yippee!!  I ordered new scrubs in a smaller size this week.  So now I really have to keep the weight I have lost off.  I am down 18 pounds and still have 3 more Friday weigh-ins.  

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