Sunday, December 23, 2007

All I want for Christmas is my Family to be Healthy...

We have been sick. All of us. It started Tuesday with my 6 year old and slowly made its way through the whole family. Snipe had to go to the doctor Friday. He got antibiotics for bronchitis. He is much happier. Moose got a bad case of's still lingering. Megan had to fly to New York Friday (to see her mom) with the runs! Poor girl. So seriously all I want for Christmas is my family to be healthy! No Pukey laundry. No raw bottoms. That would be the best gift for this momma!!

Uncle Pat and Aunt Heather made it safely to our home. The boys are enjoying showing off for them. They are so entertaining! I have to work tomorrow from 7-3, then we'll have dinner, go to Christmas Eve service, then enjoy the night.

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