Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas is in 6 days...YIKES

Last night, my husband payed our daughter (very well I might's finals week) to babysit. So he and I got to go shopping by ourselves. We rarely do these days. I forgot how enjoyable it is to go to the store and be able to just browse. These days we tend to dash in, get what we came for, and quickly leave. Usually at least one of our kids is crying by the time we exit the store. We get LOTS of attention as we leave. One of our last stops last night was Paradise Bakery & Cafe for cookies and coffee. It was a great time!

Today my mom & dad have the twins out at the library and McDonalds. So it's cleaning time! I've mopped the kitchen with my new swiffer wet jet I got at CVS. And I've cleaned two bathrooms. Next is vacuuming and who knows what else. We are getting ready for Steve's youngest brother and his wife's visit. They will be here Saturday. We haven't seen them in 6 (I think) years!! The twins have never met them. We are so excited about their visit.

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