Monday, December 31, 2007

2007: A year in review

So the year is almost over. I thought I'd list several things we did (survived) this year...

*5 surgeries (2 tonsillectomies, hernia repairs, a hydrocele repair, & ear tubes) We spent every last penny of our health care spending account!
*A stress fracture (Megan's track injury)
*A 22 hour drive to Colorado with all the kids towing a small trailer. We had to drive home also..we had no choice!
*I also have a new job starting January 14th. The surgery center that is 2 minutes from my house is letting me work 2 days a week!
*Somehow I managed to read 59 books. Yes I keep track of how many books I read. I started this after reading Nicholas Sparks' website. (He reads like 200 books a year!) I thought I read a lot!
*I also learned how to make laundry soap (even though my dear brother-in-law makes fun of me). When I do something really cool with all that money I save, he'll be jealous!

Here is what we have planned for 2008...
*potty training twin boys (I know you all are jealous!)
*4 of us are going on a mission trip to Mexico in March (The twins are staying home with my mom. Maybe that's when they'll get potty trained!)
*Megan graduates in May! (I met Megan when she was 6 years old! The past 11 years have flown by!)
*And I'm sure there are many surprises in store for our family!

I am working tonight. The last holiday I'll have to work because my new surgery center will be closed on holidays. I pray you all have a safe and Happy New Year!

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Sisterlisa said...

Okay I really must know how to make my own laundry soap. Please share?