Thursday, December 13, 2007

Christmas Card Update

So the two times I went to Walmart was a fiasco. The 1st time I had the wrong picture copied on the CD. I thought for a brief minute to just use the bad picture, but it was really bad! So I decided I'd try again later. The 2nd time I went there was a man editing all 600 pictures he had taken. Seriously, he would pick each picture, try to edit it by chaning the color, then go back and pick his original picture. This went on and on. Finally I had to ask him if he was going to go through ALL of his pictures. My husband was waiting in the car with 3 kids. So that was when I left Walmart the 2nd time.

So in my case the 3rd time was a charm! I zipped into Walmart (after all the kids were safely in bed), there was no one in line, I had the right picture with me, and I totally ordered some cards! I will pick them up tomorrow after work and get busy!!

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