Thursday, December 6, 2007

Bye Bye Cribs!

It's been a rough few days here at our house. My twins have decided they no longer need naps. While they are supposed to be napping, they very quietly take off their clothes & diapers, use their sheets as a diaper, climb out of their cribs, then dump the water out of their vaporizer. All this in about 15 minutes. After 3 days of this, I am at my wits end & tired of all the laundry!

Tonight we went to Walmart (for the 3rd day in a row) and picked out toddler bed sheets, got the beds out of the attic, and set up their new room. So now my two little boys are asleep (finally) in their new beds! I doubt they will take a nap tomorrow (although you never know!). But at least they are closer to the floor and less likely to get a head injury.

Silent Night. Holy Night. All is calm.

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Sisterlisa said...

Hi Denise, I followed you over from my blog. Thank you so much for commenting. I had days like that with each of my kids too. ((hugs))