Tuesday, December 11, 2007

My Tuesday

Here is what all I did today!!

*got up at 6 am
*Hubby & Moose (twin #1) went to hospital. (Moose had a hydrocele & hernia repair..ouch)
*Got Noah on the bus
*Made 4 dozen cookies for a cookie exchange tonight
*Got myself & Snipe (twin #2) dressed
*Went to church to set up for rescheduled MOPS brunch
*Went to hospital to see Moose
*Stayed at hospital until we were released
*Came home & held Moose most of the day
*Went to Walmart to get Moose a new sippie cup & milk
*Picked 2 friends up & went to cookie exchange

I am now in a cookie-induced coma! I ate a lot of yummy cookies & a few buckeyes! I'm glad I got milk earlier! Tomorrow is another fun-filled day with the MOPS brunch. This week is going really quickly!

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