Thursday, January 31, 2013

New microwave. Exciting stuff!

Well, my husband decided to go ahead and install the new microwave.  He thought there was some sort of short in the electrical cord, so he decided it was better to just fix the entire problem instead of trying to repair it, then having to replace it at a later time.  I am so thankful I have a husband who can fix anything!  Although he always says he can't fix stupid.  He is definitely a problem solver.

Here is my newly installed microwave heating up my milk and sugar-free creamer.  It is way better than the little pyrex bowl on the stove, and it is much quicker!

 I forgot to share this picture from our weekend.  We went to Chuck E. Cheese to celebrate my nephew's 5th birthday on Saturday (between basketball games!)  Devin and I played this game a lot.  We spent lots of tokens and kept getting 1 or 2 tickets.  Boo!  Then I took a turn and got the jackpot!  We were very excited to finally win.

I have my big weigh in tomorrow at work.  I lost 9 pounds last week, so who knows how I will do this week.  I was really craving some ice cream and chocolate last night.  I broke down and opened a dark chocolate Toblerone bar that has been in my fridg for a long time.  I just had one small piece and thoroughly enjoyed it!  Hopefully it will tide me over for a while.

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