Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Cold and Boys

It's still really cold here in Indiana!  Thankfully the kids did not have a two hour delay today.  We had our MOMSnext meeting at church today, and if there is a two hour delay, we have to cancel our meeting.  I made hashbrown casserole for the group and there were yummy cinnamon rolls there.  But I resisted and just ate a cup of fruit (strawberries and bananas) and drank coffee.  We have our first week's Biggest Loser weigh-in on Friday at work, so I really want to lose some weight the first week!

This is my middle son with one of his favorite foods I make, cinnamon jello.  It's just water, red hots, lemon jello, and applesauce that turns into a really good treat.  He asks me to make it all the time.  And he always eats the leftovers.

This is my youngest son with a mouth full of grapes.  My boys love purple grapes!  I had not purchased any grapes for a while because they are so expensive in the winter time. But now that I am trying to eat healthier, I started buying grapes again.  The boys are happy happy happy!!

And lastly, this is the paper mache mask that my oldest son and I made for his school project.  I We He got a 30/30 A+ on the project.  I wanted to add some gold earrings to the mask, but he decided that would be dumb.  So we just stuck with this design and were happy with the results.

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