Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Random Wednesday!

I now have the Downton Abbey theme song as my phone's ring tone.  Thanks to my awesome hubby who is way more iphone techie than I am.  I get very excited about Downton Abbey every time my phone rings!

It's January and my boys went to an indoor baseball clinic.  It's January and Walmart has their baseball equipment already out on their shelves.  I don't know which is crazier!?!

I am now a paper mache expert.  Thanks to my sixth graders project that is due tomorrow.

I signed up for the eight week biggest loser competition at work.  After seeing this girl's story on the Today show last week, I feel really motivated to be in even better shape!

Today I worked in the MOPS nursery at my church.  We had nine babies!  I changed lots of diapers and rocked a few babies to sleep.  I miss my babies, but was oh so glad when the mommas came to pick their babies up!

I ordered a few things from Amazon last week.  A man in a blue prius pulled up to my front door yesterday and delivered the package.  I thought that was a little odd.  The prius had no markings and he got my package out of his trunk!  Maybe Amazon has different delivery methods than most.

One of things from Amazon was The Duck Commander Family book.  I cannot wait to read it!  Maybe that will hold me over until March when the new Duck Dynasty episodes start.

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