Sunday, January 8, 2012

My 1000 piece puzzle!

Early in December, our local Aldi had 1000 piece puzzles for five bucks! Every week I passed by them thinking what a fun family activity that would be to do over Christmas break. Then I would quickly get back to the reality that my 3 boys won't sit down to do much of anything except maybe to eat. Sometimes they don't even sit down to do that. Finally after about 3 weeks of walking by the puzzles, I gave in and put one in my cart. It sat on the counter until the day after Christmas when I decided it was time to get out the puzzle. After all the card table was still up in the living room giving me the perfect place to work on it. So two weeks later, this is all I have gotten done. My mom stopped by our house last week and was so excited to see that I was working on a puzzle. She loves puzzles, her mom loved puzzles, her grandma loved it must be a genetic thing that none of my children have. Because aside from bumping the table and dropping pieces on the floor, my kids have not helped me one bit! At the rate I am going, my puzzle will be done in March. Maybe my mom will come help me out!!

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