Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tiny Prints Valentine's Cards

Just today on the way home from school I asked the boys what kind of Valentine's Day cards they wanted to get this year. We typically just pick out a box of cards at the store, then spend several evenings filling them out. Then I remembered hearing about this card company on a few of the blogs I read.

Have you heard of Tiny Prints? They have the cutest cards for Valentine's Day that I have ever seen. These really put the cards in the Walmart Valentine aisle to shame. I am totally in love with this owl design. It seems like owls are definitely popular this year, and I think this card is adorable. But since I have a 5th grader and two 1st grade boys, sadly I don't think I will be ordering any of these.
But I do think they would totally go for these two designs! Aren't they so cool? You can check out all their different designs on the Tiny Prints site. You can also follow them on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/tinyprints), Twitter (https://twitter.com/#!/TinyPrints), or Pinterest (http://pinterest.com/tiny_prints/).

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