Monday, January 23, 2012

The What's for Dinner Solution by Kathi Lipp

Almost a year ago, I wrote about an awesome book by Kathi Lipp. I also had the privilege of hearing Kathi speak and then meeting her in person at the MOPS convention in Nashville, Tennessee last summer. She is an awesome speaker and had us laughing, crying, and thinking all at the same time. So when Kathi was looking for bloggers to do her 5 day What's for Dinner blog tour, I quickly signed up. I got my book in the mail last week and am so excited to share parts of it with you this week.

For Day #1, I am going to share our menu for the week. One way to solve the "What's for dinner?" problem is to plan. There is nothing worse than buying a cart full of items at the Walmart, then come home and realize you have nothing to make dinner with. So I challenge you to plan, plan, plan! And then go shopping. Here is what's on the Evanoff menu this week:

Monday- Pork roast, carrots, potatoes in crock pot, crescent rolls, grapes
Tuesday-Baked chicken, corn, mandarin oranges
Wednesday-Chicken and noodles, mashed potatoes, green beans (This is my LOOP meal-lefotovers on purpose, more on that later in the week)
Thursday-Pancakes, eggs, bacon
Friday-Vegetable Soup, rolls, applesauce

Nothing really fancy. Just food that my whole family will actually eat. So today I shopped for the above list and actually have everything I need to make these 5 days of dinners. No more trips to the store (unless we run out of milk...which we probably will).

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