Monday, January 2, 2012

A Very Apple Christmas!

Each year we tell our boys they get one thing from us for Christmas. We have a whole closet full of toys that don't get played with. Ever. We are blessed beyond measure! We have a warm house and food in our bellies. So to cut down on the Christmas crap clutter, we buy one big ticket item. We knew as the years went by, their one item would get more expensive. Our ten year old was originally going to get a cell phone, but that idea got nixed after her lost his ipod at a friend's house (long story....we've never found it!). So he decided in November, he wanted an iPad. His argument was that it would not get lost. Ever. He wouldn't take it to friend's houses, he could use it for school work, he doesn't have a computer, and the list went on and on. So the other day at work, I decided Noah would get his iPad. Except it would come in the form of an eye pad! So I taped it to a book about the size of an iPad, wrapped it up in shiny paper, and that it what Noah got to open on Christmas morning. It was fun for about one second, then there was drama! After torturing him for another minute, we let him open his real present.
He was very elated to have a real iPad. He has promised to share with mom while he's at school...really he has no choice!
And the little boys got iPod touches and have been buying Apps like crazy! I think between the 3 boys, we will keep the App store in business.
Angry birds is definitely everyone's favorite game. Moose has the high score so far. And I have become addicted to fruit ninja myself!
Thankfully, they have an awesome dad who is patient enough to sit down and look through the apps and download everything they want to play. Thank goodness there are lots of free apps out there!
*This post was in no way endorsed by the Apple store. I am pretty sure they have never heard of me or my family.*

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