Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The What's for Dinner Solution Kitchen Tips

In Kathy's new book, there is a whole chapter on Organizing your kitchen space. I am not a neat freak and you most definitely cannot eat off my floors, but this girl does like her organization. I typically know where my son's Ipod, my other son's DSi, and my husband's keys are when no one else does. One way I keep organized it to clear off spaces!

I love clean counter tops without clutter. I hate piles of paper and junk mail. And I despise stuff everywhere. Having a clean countertop sure helps when it comes to meal preparation time. That way I don't have to spend 20-30 minutes cleaning up before I can even start working!

In the chapter "Organize Your Space", Kathi gives tips on how to reduce clutter and get rid of things you will never use that are taking up precious space in your kitchen. She even encourages readers to host a kitchen item swap. Maybe you will never use that deviled egg platter, but know a friend who would love to have it. I think that sounds like a great idea!! I'm going to look for things I don't use right now!

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