Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Why I am never doing another 1000 piece puzzle

You can scroll down to see my puzzle skills in reverse order. It took me almost a month to finish the thing. You can imagine how many times the table got bumped or moved and pieces scattered all over the floor. So I really should not have been surprised when I could not find the last piece. My husband told me that if all the pieces are out of the box, the puzzle is finished. Well, I tend to think the exact opposite. It's not finished. So I saved it until Monday to show my mom. Then I tore it apart and put all 999 pieces back in the box. She told me to donate it to Goodwill. That's just what every one wants to buy at the Goodwill....a puzzle with a missing piece. So I will hang on to it until I find the last piece (which will probably be next year), and then I can start all over because I will have forgotten I said I would never do another 1000 piece puzzle!

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